Pizza Party Dough
810-inch (25-cm) pizzas
810-inch (25-cm) pizzas
  1. Pour water into a large bowl and sprinkle yeast over the top. Let stand until foamy, about 5 minutes. Add salt, olive oil, and 5 cups (25 oz/785 g) flour. Beat with an electric stand mixer, using paddle attachment if you have one, until dough is glossy and stretchy, about 5 minutes. Beat in 2-1⁄2 cups (1-1⁄2 oz/390 g) more flour.
  2. If kneading with a dough hook, place hook on mixer and beat on medium speed, gradually adding up to 1⁄4 cup (1-1⁄2 oz/45 g) more flour if needed, until dough is springy and pulls cleanly from the sides of the bowl, 5–7 minutes. If kneading by hand, turn out dough onto floured work surface and knead until smooth and springy, 10–15 minutes, adding as little flour as possible to prevent sticking.
  3. Generously grease a large bowl with olive oil. Place dough in bowl and turn to grease top. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise until doubled, about 45 minutes. (Or cover and refrigerate for up to 12 hours.)
  4. Prepare charcoal or gas grill for indirect grilling over high heat. Place a thick pizza stone (or stack 2 stones) in the center of the grill rack. Make the grill as hot as you can get it (about 500 ̊F/260 ̊C for gas or 700 ̊F/370 ̊C for charcoal). Grill should preheat at least 30 minutes before you cook.
  5. Punch down dough and turn out onto lightly floured board. Press dough flat to release any excess air.
(If it has risen in the refrigerator, cover with a kitchen towel and bring to room temperature—about 1-1⁄2 hours— before continuing.) Cut dough in half and cut each half into four equal pieces. Let guests press and stretch dough into rounds about 9 inches (23 cm) in diameter, being careful not to knead too much, as it will activate the gluten and make it difficult to stretch into a round.
  6. Place dough round on a pizza peel well dusted with cornmeal. Top with choice of toppings. GRILL Sprinkle cornmeal on pizza stone. Slide topped round from pizza peel onto hot stone (see item 249). Cover and grill until crust is slightly charred and toppings are browned, 4–12 minutes depending on temperature of your grill. (Use peel to turn pizza during cooking time if browning unevenly.)
  7. Slip peel under pizza and transfer it from grill to cutting board. Let cool briefly, then cut into pieces.